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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019An e-course based on the LMS MOODLE to teach "Maritime English for professional purpose"Юрженко, А.Ю.; Yurzhenko, А.Y.
2023-12-02An overview of Maritime English teaching and its principles, with a focus on practical applications and best practices onlineЮрженко, А.Ю.; Yurzhenko, A.Y.; Дягилева, О.С.; Diahyleva, O.S.; Кононова, О.Ю.; Kononova, O.Y.
2022-10-26Approaches for Building an Agent-Oriented Model of the Competence Formation SystemPopenko, T.V.; Попенко, Т. В.; Yurzhenko, A.Y.; Юрженко, А.Ю.; Kononova, O.Y.; Кононова, О.Ю.; Paziak, A.S.; Пазяк, А.С.
2020-06-01Case study activities while building English communicative competency of future ship engineers using distance learningVoloshynov, S.A.; Волошинов, С.А.; Popova, H.V.; Попова, Г.В.; Sherman, M.I.; Шерман, M.I.; Шерман, М.И.; Yurzhenko, A.Y.; Юрженко, А.Ю.
2024-01-31Challenges and solutions in adapting maritime English and philosophy curriculum to online delivery via ZoomДягилева, О.С.; Diahyleva, O.S.; Кононова, О.Ю.; Kononova, O.Y.; Пазяк, А.С.; Paziak, A.S.; Юрженко, А.Ю.; Yurzhenko, A.Y.
2019-06Competency Framework as an Instrument to Assess Professional Competency of Future SeafarersЮрженко, А.Ю.; Yurzhenko, А.Y.; Попова, Г.В.; Popova, H.V.
2019-03-15Cистема формування англомовної компетентності майбутніх фахівців морської справи на базі LMS MOODLEЮрженко, А.Ю.; Yurzhenko, А.Y.; Dyagileva, E.S.; Дягилева, О.С.; Дягилева, Е.С.
2022-04-13Design of English learning course for future ship engineersЮрженко, А.Ю.; Yurzhenko, A.Y.; Бевзенко, Ю.Ю.; Bevzenko, Y. Y.; Кононова, О.Ю.; Kononova, O.Y.; Рослякова, А.В.; Rosliakova, A.V.
2023-08-30Design of flipped classroom lesson in educational electronic environment of maritime higher education institutionsDiahyleva, O.S.; Дягилева, О.С.; Yurzhenko, A.Y.; Юрженко, А.Ю.; Kononova, O.Y.; Кононова, О.Ю.
2022-08Developing Future Ship Engineers' Communicative Competence Using Virtual ClassroomsЮрженко, А.Ю.; Yurzhenko, A.Y.; Kononova, O.Y.; Кононова О.Ю.
2023-06-15Development of digital competence of teachers in higher education using lms moodleLeshchenko, A.; Лещенко, А.М.; Paziak, А.S.; Пазяк, А.С.; Юрженко, А.Ю.; Yurzhenko, А.Y.
2023-03-24Digital technologies in maritime education and training in terms of martial lawDiahyleva, O.S.; Дягилева, О.С.; Svirida, V.S.; Свирида, В.С.; Bohdanova, A.О.; Богданова, А.О.; Yurzhenko, A.Y.; Юрженко, А.Ю.
2020Engaging future ship engineers in distance STEM educationЮрженко, А.Ю.; Yurzhenko, A.Y.; Кононова, О.Ю.; Kononova, O.Y.
2024-04-15Enhancing cadets’ language proficiency and cultural competence: integrating a Ukrainian module into English language and Philosophy training for future seafarersЛещенко, А.М.; Leshchenko, A.; Юрженко, А.Ю.; Yurzhenko, A.Y.; Пазяк, А.С.; Paziak, A.S.
2020-05Ensuring sustainable development of education of future maritime transport professionals by means of network interactionДягилева, О.С.; Dyagileva, E.S.; Goridko, N.; Попова, Г.В.; Popova, H.V.; Волошинов, С.А.; Voloshynov, S.A.; Юрженко, А.Ю.; Yurzhenko, A.Y.
2022-12-07Ensuring sustainable development of maritime education and training under the conditions of martial stateЮрженко, А.Ю.; Yurzhenko, A.Y.; Leshchenko, A.; Лещенко, А.; Masonkova, M.М.; Масьонкова, М.М.; Paziak, A.S.; Пазяк, А.С.; Radvanska, V.; Радванська, В.
2020-12-10Experimental research on the formationof future ship engineers’ communicativecompetence based on gamification approachYurzhenko, А.Y.; Юрженко, А.Ю.; Sherman, M.I.; Шерман, М.І.
2024-03-05Exploring the role of e-learning technologies in providing flexible and accessible Maritime English courses for aspiring ship engineersДягилева, О.С.; Diahyleva, O.S.; Юрженко, А.Ю.; Yurzhenko, A.Y.; Кононова, О.Ю.; Kononova, O.Y.
2020Factors contributing to the effective training of future professionals of maritime trasportЮрженко, А.Ю.; Yurzhenko, A.Y.; Попова, Г.В.; Popova, H.V.; Волошинов, С.А.; Voloshynov, S.A.; Шерман, М.І.; Sherman, M.I.
2023-04-09Features of distance teaching of foreign language for future seafarers: module “Art”Юрженко, А.Ю.; Yurzhenko, A.Y.; Кононова, О.Ю.; Kononova, O.Y.